5 Mind Control Techniques To Change Your Life

There are a lot of reasons that a certain person would like to learn mind control techniques, and persuade another person, but the question is: Is it ethical to manipulate, deceive and persuade another person into your thinking?

The answer really depends on you. No one can determine whether what you are doing is ethical or not but you. However, there are a lot of instances in society where you need to perform some techniques of mind control  in order to advance your position.

As an illustrative example in the international political arena, let us suppose you are the President of the United States and Russia is trying to engage you in a nuclear arms race. Of course, you do not want to engage in another World War. Therefore, your target person is the Russian leader and your intention or position is to stop any world conflict and maintain peace. In this case, it would be very useful to utilize techniques on persuasion, deception and manipulation in order to advance your position of world peace and harmony.

If you are in the field of business, your target persons, of course, are your clients and customers. In addition, your intention is to make them buy your products or avail your services.

If you are an environmental lawyer, your target persons are policymakers, lobbyists and the public. In addition, your intention is to persuade them to join your cause of protecting the environment.

When you look at the type of mind control tricks that we are referring to, it is practically a game of persuasion, which is arguably played every day. It would be, of course, up to you to think of the purpose why you would want to learn these tricks.

As Machiavelli would say, everything becomes means to a specific end. The art of mind manipulation, however, does not mean that you are denying your targets of free will. Instead, you are giving them something that they are most likely looking for – a sense of compelling choice, which serves as guidance for their behavior.

At the end of the day, it is the extent of your actions and your personal belief system that will determine whether the tactics and strategies that you use are ethical or not.

The Power Of Suggestion Changes Perception

Remember that the major goal of this article is to create a specific change in the thinking of your target person without that person being aware of the changes in his or her thinking. If you are a businessman, your target persons are your customers and your position or intention is to make them buy your products or avail your services.

In this regard, one of the most effective ways in making a change in the way of thinking of your customers (target persons) is to change the way you speak.

In other words, you have to make use of the right words that your customers desire. If you are watching commercial advertisements in the television and also in YouTube right now, you will realize short commercial videos use particular mind control techniques which make them enticing because they address the specific problems of their target persons using the words (or lingo) of the latter. Therefore, there is an emotional feeling that the product or service fully understands your context, situation or environment.

Now, when you think about the way commercials appear on TV, they are all offering two types of sensations – pleasure and pain. Essentially, they are playing on the two sensations that changed the course of humanity forever.

Philosophers, religious orders, and tyrants all played with the concept of sensations with a similar belief that all people would want to do anything in order for them to obtain pleasure or to avoid pain. Thousands of years later, people still behave in the same fashion.

That is why the art of manipulation and mind control tricks is still in business.

With that in mind, how do you think people prefer their brand of coffee in the morning? It is still the play of pleasure vs. pain. Some would believe that they prefer double shots of espresso in order for them to experience that pleasurable sensation of becoming awake much quicker, because they are annoyed with slowness.

They want to reach the bitter taste of coffee as soon as they take a sip. However, they are in contrast with the latte people – they prefer milk over coffee, and they want to feel the caffeine like it is, in the form of slow waves in their bloodstream.

However, try saying to an espresso lover that he can absorb more caffeine in a tall glass of latte than drinking 3 tall glasses of cappuccino. More often than not, that espresso lover would try switching to latte the next morning, because he is more likely to get what he wants quickly that way. At the end of this argument, people are not mostly concerned about the way they are getting what they want – they just want a method that would lead them closer to their goals. They would like to think that their preferred methods are all shortcuts.

With that in mind, it is rather easy for people to change their belief systems if the change is going to guarantee success.

Powerful mind control techniques

That is why there are just too many commercially-available products of the same variant out there. Just imagine the number of toothpaste brands. However, spread the word that one brand would probably make a person’s teeth fall off when he’s in his 80s – it is almost guaranteed that people that are diehard fans of that brand would switch, or do a really strict scrutiny.

For this reason, when you are trying to learn to influence the minds of people around you, always try to understand how they truly feel about a product. One way or another, they buy a product because they believe that they want it. But once someone offers the idea that they should not want it anymore because it will cause them harm, they would reject that product.

However, perhaps 7 out of 10 times, they would look for a similar product than quit using it daily. If you can offer cigarettes that would not give cancer and mouth problems yet offer the same satisfying drag as other brands, then you are almost guaranteed to be rich.

Why is that the case? It is because humans all desire what they are used to having.

Now change that perspective and offer a benefit, or offer something that would improve their lives the easy way. Offer something that if they refused to take, they will put their lives at risk. Using mind control techniques is similar – the subconscious would always tell targets that they are moving towards pleasure and avoidance of pain.